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    Default Any ideas what is going on her and how to handle this?

    Hello all,

    I really need some help. I met one girl, she goes in to same school as I. From the moment I met her everything went well. She talked like she knew me for years. Now I saw her about 4 times, we laugh everytime, there is a lot of eye-contact, no problem at all, I also got her number with ease.

    Now the problem. I texted her like two times. The last time I sent her a picture of a cake and wrote mmmm but got no reply. I sent her that because she said she likes cakes. I was wondering whether she could be so shy to not respond on my messages because in real life, the situation is totally different. I talked to her on facebook and we also had some fun there, she also does some stupid things like not telling me when will she go to school and says things like her keyboard is not working well and putting those smilies :PPPPPPPP after it.. One strange thing though. One day she blocked me on facebook and that day she posted this on her own wall :"It`s easy to fall in love but it`s hard to say that". Now I don`t know whether this is connected with me or not but I have no idea why would I be blocked then.

    I really need some of your opinions on this. Do you think she likes me at all?? I`m planning to ask her out anyway but I won`t talk to her on fb anymore till then, neither send her text messages. She could be very shy I think, she also doesn`t have much friends, especially male ones. I`m maybe one of three male friends that likes her photos on fb for example.

    Could someone actually be so shy and nervous that simply can`t use the phone to communicate? I really can`t understand her behaviour. Why would she talk to me in real life anyway if she doesn`t want to talk to me at all.

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    Default Re: Any ideas what is going on her and how to handle this?

    The more I learn and think I understand girls the more I realize that we may never fully understand them ha! I would definitely just go for it and ask her out in person. Make sure you do it with a strong frame and like an alpha. I'm starting to learn more and more that when you tell girls to do things politely rather than ask, they are much more likely to do it. So tell her with a smile to come get coffee with you or whatever. Maintain your frame and don't beg.

    She is acting strange, but I've seen stranger. Just get it over with and find out where you stand ( indirectly by asking her out, not by literally asking her if she likes you...don't do that)

    You said there might be other guys, so brace yourself for the worst and hope for the best. The point is it would be better for you to go ahead and ask rather than spend months wondering. Ask and she's into it, win! Ask and she's not...there is a big beautiful world full of amazing women that you can go! See nothing to Lose!!

    One more thing if she's not into you, move on! But you don't have to shut her out, find other girls, be awesome, and stay friendly (but don't get friend zoned). She can still realize how awesome your life is and come around one day...but don't hold out for her. Good luck!

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