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    Default Trouble making progress with girl

    Hi guys, this is the current situation I'm in, sorry for the long read.

    Background: I meet this girl, everything goes well, 3 days later she stays over in my room, we kiss, nothing more. When she leaves, someone tells her about my past (hooking up girls). Stops contacting me, so I tell her shes making a mistake. I stop talking to her after that point

    10 days later she contacts me on facebook, "I'm sorry blah blah blah"
    So then she stays over in my room again, she seems more distant and less willing to hug and kiss me.

    We are seeing each other, but I always initiate contact unlike at the start where she was the one. I invite her to do things, she keeps on blowing me off saying "maybe". I leave it and stop texting.

    See her on a night out, she talks to me, gives me some "I've been in a bad place" excuses, End up going back to hers and having sex. This happens again, she ignores my invitations few days afterwards and then I see her on night out and go back to hers...

    More recently I ask if she wants to come over, or I could go to hers. She keeps saying "not bothered" "if you want" so I force myself to see her We have fun, lots of cuddles and contact the next day, she asks me questions, wants to know my secrets etc...

    The problem is I don't know where I am at the moment, is this just a casual hook up or does she want more? She has told me there are other guys pure hitting on her, and she is one of them girls that have more guy friends than girl.

    Well thats it really, any advice on how to go about this situation? I don't want to have to ask like 5 times to get her to spend time together.

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    Default Re: Trouble making progress with girl

    She clearly likes you man. and she has chosen you over a lot of the other guys. She's doing push-pull on you. That's what you need to do to her. One of the memorable David Deangelo quotes for me is: Increase attraction = great experience + time apart. So, have a great time with her with you are with her (which sounds like you are), then pull back and you be the one being aloof or not even contacting her. The time apart piece is all about her remembering the great time she has when she is with you, but making her miss you. I have lived by this quote over and over again, and it always works.
    The world is your matrix. You control the strings.

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    Default Re: Trouble making progress with girl

    Your issue may lie in qualification. Try my thread here. Maybe it will help.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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