I met a HB9. Off of POF this August. First and only 9+ I have picked up off the internet so far. For a solid 3 months we saw each other once or twice a week, usually going out to have a few drinks and dinner. From night two, she would sleep over. We slowly began kissing and messing around but she would always stop me mid game. She would even engage me orally then stop and say "just kidding" before she went to sleep. The one time we did have sex, we were both hammered and while we didnt stop seeing each other, it went back to teaseville. At the end of OCT I asked her if she wanted to be exclusive. She indicated she didn't want me to see other women but things were going too fast. Well, since then she has recently started trying to talk to me and even sent a half naked photo, which she would never do before. I have been educating myself . lot in PUA studies and seem to be doing better throwing bolder negs and sexual IOIs since I am concerned that I was too sweet, timid and relationship minded. Due to her killer body, I am perfectly okay keeping it fun if that's what she wants but the situation is so hard to read, not sure what she wants or how to play this.