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Thread: What starting advice for a virgin would you give?

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    Default What starting advice for a virgin would you give?

    Ok I was ridiculously overweight till recently so i never even tried and now Ive lost all that weight I feel more confident to go find a girl.

    Ive read the Mystery Method, but I have 2 serious issues:

    1. Where do I start the newbie drill? Ok in manchester there are night clubs, which play loud music and a majority of the girls just dont want to be hit on by ANY guy. There seems to be 90 - 10 men to women ratio, so the few that do like getting hit on already get sarged by the more experienced guys and Im not into that kind of music or dancing so night clubs seem a total waste of time.

    The other places are pubs, totally quiet but wayyy to few people generally in groups, and even starting a conversation with a group in a setting like this automatically weirds out the group like "who is this guy?" and standard openers get the reaction "wtf is he talking about" within the opener question.

    2. Have you had any guys that were awkward virgins at my age that changed it all?

    Im just looking for one girl. Im not so ambitious to become a pua, I just want an attractive girl for a girlfriend

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    Default Re: What starting advice for a virgin would you give?

    I'm new to the forum myself...picked up MM a couple of days ago. So i can't tell you much about the game..but I can tell you what I did for starters!

    I started working in a bar ( on friday and sometime saterday nights)
    You can't believe how easy it to talk to people, but mostley get to know people...90% wants to be liked by teh barman, not because of teh personality...but he is the one who gives them drinks and maybe is a listening ear! I have noticed from my co workers if you don't start interacting after a while they will just see you as some random dude who serves you drinks anyway...not the guy who's good side they wanna be on.

    this doesn't apply only to bar tending. if you find it hard to talk to people...join a sportsclub or something...i'm thinking of doing taekwondo 'cause i've seen alot of chicks doing it in that specific club the forum and the ebooks aren't the only thing that will make you talk to people, tho they are extremely useful!

    Sorry I can't give you any tricks or tips on how to be an artist, this is all I got for now

    have fun bro

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