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Thread: Urgent: Girl doesn't respond when I ask to change meet time 30 mins later

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    Default Urgent: Girl doesn't respond when I ask to change meet time 30 mins later

    Hi guys

    I would REALLY appreciate a quick reply on this one as it's time-sensitive.

    Asked this girl out for drinks 3 days ago via text for 9pm TONIGHT. She said yes, and I told her we could meet near her place (Brooklyn), and that I'd let her know where by Thursday (yesterday), which I did. I asked her if we could meet 30 mins later as I get off work late and have to commute to another borough, and she has not replied yet. Now I'm confused. I don't know whether to text her again (obviously she saw the text and has chose to not reply or delay reply) or just show up at the normal agreed upon time of 9. Or just not show up at all?

    First text of the day:

    Me: Ever heard of ###? ### Ave corner of ### street. Sound good? 7:29 PM
    Her: Yeah, I think I've been there before. In Williamsburg? 8:11 PM
    Me: Yes'm 8:13 PM < Sent this while walking after work, was busy
    Me: Buddy recommended it to me.. if it's too crowded I have a backup plan. I'm always prepared. 9:59 PM < get home and can send longer text now
    Me: By the way can we meet at 9:30 instead? Gotta make the pilgrimage to Brooklyn and I don't get off til 8 10:00 PM
    NO REPLY. umm. wut. Did I say something wrong here? Sure my texts were a bit long, but nothing that warrants NO REPLY.

    She has done this before, where I'll send her a text in the evening and she doesn't reply either to late the next day or not at all (until I re-initiate). But there have been obvious IOI (she's texted me first before on a couple of occasions this week).

    So what do I do here?

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    Default Re: Urgent: Girl doesn't respond when I ask to change meet time 30 mins lat

    You know texting isn't the best way to get around with girls and in the long run it makes interaction dull and boring, trust me I've f*cked up a couple of times just because I kept texting.

    Back to your issue. CALL! Plain and simple. Yesterday I had this girl who wanted to hang out she texted me she had the car and everything, I then receive a text that she couldn't have the car but she didn't give any reason. After I got the text I waited like 10 minutes then called her. Just by calling we arranged it for an other day.

    Think of this, sometimes if you send a text and she's a place where network is dead or low. She might not receive the text at all it happend a couple of times to me aswell. So call.

    Think of this: ''You'll get more changes calling then you are by texting. It'll be more fun and meaning full by texting, why ? Because you can actually hear the persons tone, lets say you neg someone in text too much she could find it mean or annoying in the long run but in phone and text she'll know exactly what you mean and laugh because of your TONE.''

    Basicly just call, it'll get you laid.

    P.S: If she doesn't text you sometimes, don't react to it. Its a test to see if you're needy or not. Take your time between texting her, don't text her as soon as you get a response, wait 5 - 10 min even 1 hour or a day before you respond (Depends on the context) OR she might just be busy because a girl who's interested will always text you, if she flakes the texts a bit it might mean she's losing a bit of interest, that's why you call. Texting is fun, but talking is way better. Keep it old school.

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