ok classes start (community college.) and i walk into the lobby and got some serious eye contact, but i didt talk to her because i was talking with friends. the next day while in the lobby we talked and had some banter. then i left early to go smoke a cig with an other girl.(i made sure she saw it.)

ok the next time i see her, we talk to each other, some getting to know you questions and some banter. I felt that it was going good so i asked her for some coffee. she said sure and told me when she would be done with class. exchanged phone number and Facebook.

she texed me right off the bat and i didt respond till after my class was done. she had one more class so i told her to tex me when she was done and i would pick her up. she did and i said "ok". i was a little late and she blow up my phone with "are you coming?" " you here?"

so i get her we go to dunken and dounuts. talked for while then some old people invaded. so i suggested we go back to my house. my parents are away so i had house to myself.

we got there i got her into my bed room and we made out a little.then i had to take her back because she had an other class.

during the snow storm we skyped (we had 3 skpy chats and she initiated all of them). i might have been joking around little too much. then.... she farted( or least it seemed to me like that.) so i teased her on it and she tried to deny it. then she ended the video chat.
i told her that (threw the Im)
that she reminded me of my sister.

she said
lol and said that im a friend.

then i said
im not in the market for new friends.

she said

haha okay then

i said
maybe if you do my homework( i have no idea why i said that.)


then i logged out.
so how can i come back. i spoke to a female friend and she said just don contact her and that it we only knew each other 2 days so it can go either way.

for the the record i don't want a relationship with her just a lay. here is some random info about the girl. she is a chicken head who's idol is kim kardashain. she was also putting my last name on hers ( like we got married.)

i know that was long haha, but thanks.