Hi guys,

So right now I'm in a bad situation. My best friends have left my city and the crisis affected me and my family and right now I'm working in a small sofware company. It's a very lonely job because I can work during the day or during the night, where I mostly don't talk to anybody interesting. I need to help my family because we have some money issues right now so I can't quit job and find another one.

Some activities like having dance classes or language courses are not available right now to me because are expensive and since I don't have many time available, there is a huge possibility that I would need to skip classes..

Do you know some activities or hobbies where I can naturally make friends and meet girls that don't need a specific hour to attend and money to spend?

I know that I could go out by myself at night to meet girls, but unfortunately I'm not confident enough to do that and I don't live in a large city, so I'm afraid that people notice that there by myself.

Basically my life right now is home-work-home-work-home-work.. and I am talking like 10 minutes per week with a girl on average, which is very sad.

Can you help me and give some suggestions?