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Thread: Mention you are seeing other girls?

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    Default Mention you are seeing other girls?

    So, first off. I live and play in Colombia, so things are a little different here but most everything still applies. The biggest cultural difference applicable to my question is that the Colombian men here (as well as the women) are known for cheating on a regular basis.

    Girls often ask me: What did you do yesterday? or Do you have a lot of friends (explicit friends who are girls)?

    I see a different girl almost every day, but don't always close. So to answer this question, I can either be honest and say I was with someone or deflect the question in some way.

    If I tell her I met with a friend ("amiga" - it's explicit I'm talking about a woman, not a man), it seems like it should show social cred and value. It also has the potential of creating some competition.

    However, I've noticed it sometimes has an effect of moving their perspective of me to more of a friend-view. They think: he's already dating someone... This happens even with the 9's and 10's. Maybe they don't need to compete since they have many men coming onto them so it's less valuable to them to date someone who they will have to work for.

    Deflecting with something to build interest is another option, but it seems like there should be a way to show more value in this situation.

    I'm going to just straight up ask the next girl why next time it looks like I lost value for mentioning dating other women.

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    Default Past Tense vs. Present Tense

    To answer your question, you can go with both yes and no. Tell her that you have seen women, but you are not right now. Even if it is a half truth, it does not matter because it satisfies her thoughts that you are a somebody and it satisfies your thoughts that you are open for the taking right now.

    I'm not sure how cultural boundaries work or not, considering you are in Columbia. However, I feel like the concept of availability and loyalty is still the same pretty much anywhere.
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    Default Re: Mention you are seeing other girls?

    Well the only way I noticed a woman will friendzone you because she knows you are talking to other women is when there is very little investment. If nothing has happened between you two then why would she get jealous about you talking to other women? Or even continue to escalate with you if she knows she's not the only one? Of course this still happens anyways if they already like you enough or they just like a challenge. Just understand not all women are like this.

    The best way I say it is that, " I feel it is too early to discuss these things at the moment." She may be upset, but you aren't lying to her. Then after you have slept together you can then reveal if you are talking to other women. She will be less likely to walk away completely now that she has invested in you. Just don't be surprised if she sleeps with someone else. I've actually had women date, and even sleep, with other men simply because they knew I was with other women. Then they would stop when I stopped.
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