So here's where my 'challenge' part comes in... I'm the type of dude who girls find interesting, they wanna hear what I have to say and some even mesmerized by me simply being me. But if I try to take things further girls rethink of the chair and freeze up. This one girl is a good example of what I mean. I met her on okcupid, we made a strong connection I did the whole "would you rather" game to try to number close. No dice, she said she was shy and wanted to keep talking as "friends" so I toned it down and kept chatting. She kept giving me IOIs and what not so after three weeks of chatting I tried getting her to exchange texts to meet up sometime (i've mentioned how I go to this one place once a month and she should join me sometime)....

So all this effort turns into this one 'bomb' I'm all to familiar (and kind of frustrated with).
She leaves me with this message:

"Hey sorry I haven't responded. I've been online, but I really haven't been responding to anyone. And yeah I guess we can text, but as friends. I want to let you know that before I give you my number so you don't waste your time with me trying to get something else. I hope you don't think I'm being mean.I just want to be honest with you so you don't waste your time with me. You're a nice guy and I don't want to do that to you"

So what I'm asking is what should I do with this one girl (we seemed to connect well)? Do i take the number and try from there, or do I just move on?
Also what can I do to keep from getting these sort of responses from women in general?