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    Talking Valentine Day Help - comming on too hard or not hard enough

    Met a girl in the summer at a club, we exchanged numbers, but i was on and off with my ex gf. That broke off, and about a month ago she started texting that we should go partying and such. We made several weak attempts but failed to meetup, her schedule is tough and I didnt wanna look too needy so i never tried to accomodate too much. Last weekend she called but i was sick so that failed again..anywayyy

    I was drunk last night and sent her a movie trailer, to which she replied that it sounds funny and if its playing now... I replied " yes we should go" to that I have not received a response. SHOULD I

    1. Call her tomorrow and set a date perhaps on valentine day?
    2.Call her and set a date on any other day but valentines day?
    3. Ignore valentines day, let it ride and call her before the weekend to do something?

    4. Am I overthinking this whole thing, should i just call and set something up whenever? I just dont wanna feel too needy, especially that she hasent responded to my post, not like there was a question in the first place. Let mw know.

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    Default Re: Valentine Day Help - comming on too hard or not hard enough

    It doesn't seem like you've been needy at all up to now. And she's the one that's actually tried to get together with you.

    Asking her out on Valentine's Day would be a bit cliche and perhaps needy after she didn't reply to your movie theater text. I would personally ask her out any day after V-Day.

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