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    Default She asked me for my number but now??

    I have been working with this absolutely gorgeous girl but she was only covering for 2 days cause someone was away. In these two days of working together i built attraction, spoke about personal life, played fun and stupid games to make her laugh used touch barrier, All good signs so far, I noticed how many guys actually hit on her as we work at reception at a gym, I said do you normally have this much attention ? She said as of recently yes for some reason, so from then I was trying to play a bit of a different game trying to be different from all the other random guys that hit on her, which seemed to work, during the middle of day 2 she asked me for some good excercises to do for abs for the gym, she said we should train together some time and show me what to do, I was like sure I'd love to. Then she got her phone out and said I don't think I have your number what is it?? I gave it to her then she pranked me and asked each other what we wanted to be called, so ended well when she was leaving I mentioned I was going out on Friday night and that she should come and she said she couldn't as she was busy but maybe another time, Iv texted her twice since then and the replyies I got were quite small but last text was kind of cute, I mentioned a pic I posted on Instagram and said she should read it I think you will like this, she replied, I loved you Instagram pic it made me smile have a good night hunni. :-)
    Now that's the last message I have gotten from her and iv written one since then but no reply haha stuck in a pickle and need some help if any please ???? Any ideas on how to break this text barrier ?? Plus she only got out of a long term relationship not to long ago ?? Any ideas guys?? Thannks

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    Default Re: She asked me for my number but now??

    Dude, you're coming across as needy/desperate which = instant attraction killer. Don't text/call her until next week. In the meantime read HOW TO TEXT.
    Or you could even CALL her next week. If she doesn't answer, leave her a voice message saying you need to tell something very important right away and she needs to call you back a.s.a.p. Then when she does make a joke about it and TELL her to come out with you to whatever cool/interesting/exotic place you are going to on the weekend (because you're an alpha male and you do these cool things all the time, right?)

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