Hey guys, ilike mane guys, I am single on valentines day, it doesn't bother me but I would like to go out and try and meet a girl tonight, I figure there is a little advantage with all the single women out there wishing thbey weren't single on valentines day. Anyway, I'm wondering where might be a good place to go? I'm really not trying to go out drinking tonight, maybe some place that would be somewhat local to where one would live... I am open to all suggestions though.

My second option is asking this girl to get a drink tonight who I have hung out with on a few occasions with other people; we have a lot of mutual friends and well hangout in group on occassion(I.e. she invited me to her bday party but I had work the next day so I couldn't stay out late, I also took her to yoga class a.nother time] I haven't been AFCing it, just kind of hangingout and having fun and being myself.

So I'm trying to decide to go looking for a rando, or hangout with this girl and see if things click more, accepting all suggestions