Any tips/ advice/ tactics for escalating with Playette from orbiter to PU

Quick background - Dated playette unofficially for few months last year, while i kept my distance she was initiating, obviously wanting more etc then (before i learnt PUA material) i cracked and came on way too strong (bad mistake i know!!), she took a step back and that was the end. Foolishly still chased abit and she blew very hot & cold (These Playettes have great natural game) Met up a number of times since and F closed each time, Although has been all quiet since December when I made it clear I won’t be a friend but in truth she was very cold since late November and felt I was firmly placed in Orbiters role (made me laugh writing that with some of the experiences I’ve had over last 6 months with PUA – Something about the one who spurned your advances!!!)

She initiated in Jan but I kept it polite and straight to the point, I may reinitiate myself in next few weeks, Does anybody have any tips for escalating with Playette… tactics to employ/ pitfalls to avoid etc

Whatever comes of this then it is what it is, Water off a ducks back

Any help really appreciated