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    Default POF message starts well but goes cold?

    Hey guys, I am trying out the POF route and I need some help where to go. Here is how it went

    Me: Hey, I know we've never met, but I think we should start seeing other people. This isn't working for me
    Her: Dammit I was just going to say the exact same to you. Well thanks for letting me down easy
    Me: Yeah, you're welcome, The constant fighting was just a major issue for me. Of course that always led to our phenomenal makeup sex, but geez, sometimes you treated me like a plaything!
    Her:I'm sorry I just like to be in control, Jerry you know how I am. It doesn't help that you never hung your coat up and never put your dishes in the dishwasher i was constantly cleaning up after you! I think I need someone who can take some responsibility
    Me: I only did that cause I know how much you love to clean, Susan. I was doing you a favor! It doesn't help that you never brought up things to do. I always had to come up with fun stuff for us, which I was really good at, but it gets exhausting. I think I need someone who has the energy to keep me interested
    Her: Jerry don't play that card with me, I clean the house all day, make amazing suppers for you and what do I get? A man who lays on the couch and drinks beer after work! Remember last October? I bothered you for at least 3 weeks about taking me to that movie. All I got back was "Ya hun maybe tomorrow"
    Me:See what I'm talking about Susan? This constant fighting of "you did this" "I did this" is taking an emotional toll on me, and you too. Sure, I could take you back for a 3rd time and ravage your body for hours on end like you've never had until the sun rises. But after a week or 2 when we revert back to this drama, I'm not sure if it is worth it again. We need to start taking responsibility for our actions if we have any hope
    Her: Hahahahaha oh my goodness. That's all I have to say about that.

    I really don't see where I crossed the line here. I thought that response was pretty valid and funny. Stuck with the theme and everything. So what can I say to this? Do I just go for the number or what?

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    Default Re: POF message starts well but goes cold?

    just say you're going to give her one last chance for her to prove herself and tie it in with a meetup

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