Hey guys

So this is my basic strategy that I use when I sarge a girl.
I open the set(often I like to use the "is kissing cheating")

After opening the set I usually neg after that(I do that just so I'm not seen as a typical guy and just so the girl doesn't think she's on a pedestal).

Once I've negged I use the best friends test(obviously if there's 2 or more girls in the set). Straight after that I usually make some fluff talk.

After bit of fluff talk, I isolate the target so I can get to know her.
When I get to know her I don't usually do the boring interview questions.
I like to use routines such as the cube etc. By this point I know the girl is attracted to me. Don't 4get about inner game guys.

So that's my basic strategy(its not really full detail) please give me some critique and tell me your basic strategies