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    Default Girls who get much attention, how to contact them etc? Always stuck here


    I have improved my game very much lately. I have an tendency to reach out for the girls that are very hard to get and concentrating on one girl at a time. I see that is an problem now. But for about 2 weeks ago I met this one girl who I know for a fact is very reserved, she is an solid 9, like model body and pretty face. I have seen her and talked to her a little bit before because she is the sister of my sisters friend. I was messing around with her in an good flirty way at a club when I first saw her. I didnt try to get her because I thought at the time she had a boyfriend. There wore four other girls trying to get to me and the pre-selection worked like a charm. So she was very determined to get my attention and I could see that she has enormeous emounts of selfesteem. I ended up making out with her that night and we were going to this narchspiel -
    afterparty - so we went but there but there werent someone at home. I just gave her my phone and she knew what to do. Then I walked to a friends house and got pretty wasted. I called her later that night and kept joking with her over a phone call. I ended up having sex this other girl tho.

    So I sent a text the day after and said that she owed me for dragging my ass up to that place without going to this party. This ended up in some few text were I stopped texting her.

    For three days ago I met her again at a party. I saw she was into me and again we ended up making out. We went to the club and when we arrived we sat in the same loung were she started flirting with other friends of her and I did the same. In between we talked a little bit but it was a tiny bit kind of wierd. In the end of the night I met her for the last time going in to the club again and she was leaving and I said something, cant remember, but she answered "you cant figure me out" in an kind of angry way. I heard that she farked her ex-boyfriend who recently dumped her, the same night. To be honest I dont care, she can do whatever she wants to. I havent contacted her since.

    I think this is the kind of girl who gets very much attention and I want to stand out in the croud. I want to call her tomorrow and ask her out, but I think I need to be "that mysterious guy". Any advice on how to do this over an phone call? Other opinions how to contact her?

    I use to get these girls and make out with them but when it comes to asking them out I feel I have the tendencys to become a bit distant from my self and I loose the frame I used on them. When I am on my A game I always have this inner game saying I dare you to throw me out. What to do with my inner game when I get knocked of my chair?

    I am also wondering if anybody knows about a good canned book to read, have read mystery and the game but I am so tired of that stuff.
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