I have a feeling things will be awkward to carry on with..

Last night I met some girl, she opened me and she was pretty cool, kiss close within a minute or so, carried on through out the night whenever we saw each other, gave her a little bit and took it away, got her asking for my number, qualifying herself, she was making me promise to text her and all this, getting her worked up and ready to fk when I got her alone.. but, a few screw ups..

A. By the time I saw her last, she was pretty drunk. Almost too drunk, so I felt awkward about trying to carry things on, like I was taking advantage of her or something.. I mean, she was initiating the kisses equally and I was the one pulling away most often, so not physically taking advantage, but emotionally you know.. So that's playing on my mind.

B. Throughout the night I sent her a text.. She was trying to check if I saved her number and whatever but I wouldn't let her, so text her later on.. The text read something like "Hey, it's '.complete.noob' I need to know how to spell your name so I can save your number right! ahh"

She did call throughout the night after I sent that message, she was still talking and whatever, but I'm not sure she'd read it by the time I last saw her..

So I'm wondering is that message gonna be for her weird to wake up to? and, is she even gonna be remembering sht right this morning after getting so drunk by the end of the night? Is anything gonna happen? Question of effort and only known in the future I guess.

man, maybe I'm stressin too much. I want her to fall in love with me. Any advice, opinions, whatever would be appreciated. I'll probably call her tonight, just freestyle something. Or you guys think I should leave her worry for a few days?