Sup guys. I need some consejos. I'm a college kid I live with 2 other kids. It was 2 dudes last semester, this semester one guy swapped out with this chick. She's cute. I told myself day 1 I don't want it to be awkward so I'm not gonna try for anything - but if it happened I'd be down. We make each other laugh and I like being around her but we don't really flirt, although lately I've been testing that bound a bit by teasing her and sh1t. Basically I like her, and I honestly am starting to think she likes me too. I keep waiting for her to show signs or make a move but now I'm thinking she's waiting on the same from me. I'm the man I have to pull that trigger. She's innocent as sh1t which makes me think more so that she would be reserved about the whole thing.

I been in self-improvement mode lately not really concerned about girls but I realize I'm ready now. And sometimes the best opportunities are the most obvious ones. I just don't know how to proceed. I'm inexperienced I'm still a virgin so idk wtf. wouldn't mind losing it to her she's hot and more importantly a cool person. Obviously I don't wanna do anything that will result a lot of awkwardness. Lemme know what you dudes think. Thanks.