She's a HB7.5 or 8 and I'm a HD7.

We had a very good first "brunch" date today, but there were very few IOI's, and only a few instances of kino and no k-close but I was holding her hand when we parted. I didn't mention a second date and didn't show my cards, but would like to see her again.

If she doesn't contact me (and she hasn't initiated much yet), when and how should I contact her?

Update: WHOA! She just sent me a text thanking me for today and telling me to drive safe because it's snowing heavily now and I have to head to a party in a bit an hour out of town.

HELP! How do I respond? I'm too new into this again!

Update 2: I had to respond since her message contained concern for my well being.

Should I assume this message from her is a good IOI and just go with the flow now, or should I be trying to "work" this some other way?