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    Default Reputation is everything..

    Girls want a man with status, I get that. They want a guy who loves them and treats them better than any guy has treated her before. They want him to be physically attractive. They want to be the girl who's friends wish they were with her bf.

    So here's the thing.. My reputation SUCKS.
    I used to have a bad habit of smoking pot and playing video games, watching weird porn, sending weird messages to girls on facebook, being unemployed, spent about 6 years in social isolation. I have no real friends, I'm bent out of shape, and my social skills are terrible. Earlier than the pot smoking, I was the guy who caused trouble, hanging out with the wrong crowd, taking class a party drugs and getting arrested a bunch of times.
    The most recent incident that people know about is a freaking stalking situation with my ex that fked with her life and is likely to still have repercussions to come. Big fking no-no. I was screwed up BAD. It's no excuse though, I shouldn't have said the sh1t I said to her, and I should have left her alone a LONG time before I did.

    So, basically.. That's not the reputation a guy needs to be introduced to friends and family I'm thinking.
    How do I get past that? If I have the great physique, dress nice, I learn to talk to people much better than I can, act right, really improve my life.. Are people going to forget about the past? Can I still learn to get the girls that all the guys want to date? Can I really put a past like that behind me?

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    Default Re: Reputation is everything..

    I'll share you my story in a short and vague way so you can relate to it.

    I usted to be that trouble maker aswell, smoke pot, steal, intimidate and manipulate others. With my gang with did the same. Eventually they drifted away to become even worst. I meet up with my old friends and I lost some self esteem, i still went to parties and all but I would only talk to my friends and drink. Then again our friends started have troubles so someleft, eventually they started mocking me since I wasn't in state so I decided to leave. I was left alone and went to hang with some other people that were mostly my type. Lame, down and plain boring, yet they still went out but not at parties. Clubs, stripclubs, bars or in the streets. I had a beef with one of the guys that included themself to our group (By then my confidence was up again and it happended a couple of month ago so this is recent.) Now again I was left without a group of friend, I decided to leave them entirely and hangout with different people. Things went well, started meeting more people and so on. Soon I hung back with an old friend who's always been loyal.

    A small story about him. He usted to be in front of his xbox and play call of duty all day. One day he got out and started talking to girls, hot ones too. At the age of like 16-17. Now he's rather popular and promotes clubs. Anyways..

    I went clubbing with him and meet more people there, girls included. The last time I went I had this cute Lebanese massive IoI'ing me.

    Now, I'm meeting more people then ever, talking to more girls then ever and so on. I'm planing to be a barber and that popularity is needed. I'm glad its going on the right foot.

    I went from being an attention seeking jerk to hanging out with low live wanabe thugs to a noble friend people like to have around. I'm happy with my confidence and the people I surround MYSELF with. I try not to follow the wrong people anymore. That was all done in around 4 years.

    If you want to fix your problems, BLUNTLY see what they are and face them. Find your proper circle and stick with it. The worst thing you can do is sob about your current situation. If you arn't happy, change it. At first I usted to sob when my fake friends were mocking me. I lost my old recent friends and I didn't sob at all, I went straight on and got over it. You know what you want, get up and go get it.

    Good courage, pal.
    Stay Natural, Stay Original.

    Like and Thanks other PUA's it helps.

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