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    Default Too shy, not playful girl

    I went out 3 dates with this girl. It's hard to say if it's going well, because although we keep going out, she is quite shy, doesnt speak much and not playful at all. Someone would say she is dull

    But anyway I find her kind of cute and it seems she is interested (two of the dates it was her idea).

    I'm trying to break the ice doing jokes, being playful but it's really tough. She just stays there and don't play along, like last time when I went out with her and I wanted to play thumb fight game (check on youtube if you don't know it) because it's playful and she will have to touch my hand, so I'd kino her, she just said to me: I'm holding a beer. I was like wtf?!

    So any tips?!

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    Default Re: Too shy, not playful girl

    often times, shy girls need alot more comfort before you can get the kind of attraction you need for a seduction. focus on finding commonalities and building raport. maybe lay off a little on the jokes, (you don't want to be seen as a "dancing monkey") but still joke around and tease with her (find a good balance between not joking enough and joking tooo much) you have to calibrate well to game shy girls like this one, but once you get her to open up, she will be far from shy towards you

    ps about the thumb war thing, some girls are too serious minded for that sort of thing. instead get some casual "accidental" touching of her hands,arms, or shoulders (just make sure it isn't obvious that you are trying to touch her) and then later go for intentional touching to affirm a point (ie touching her shoulder with your hand when the two of you connect about something or as part of a tease)
    good luck man!

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