First off, let me begin by thanking everyone that gave me advice on this same problem a few months ago.

Same girl as before. HB9 i've known for 7 months, we use to hang out all the time (before-January), we had slept in the same bed cuddling, I had grabbed her tits numerous times, kissed her 2X while both drunk (she didn't reciprocate but didn't push me off either). The last time I asked for advice she had a guy that she was doing it with who she had only met twice before. I had been blowing it by showing extreme jealousy against other guys, confessed to her that I had feelings for her (things remained the same after though), being her "girlfriend" basically, all beta mistakes.

So I got tired of that life I was living. In January, I invited her to my place and then before she was about to leave, grabbed her and made out with her. She didn't reciprocate, but again didn't push back or slap me. She just kept on saying "what are you doing?" to which I responded "I know you like it, don't act like you don't." Then I basically kicked her out of my apt. I then went NC for two weeks and reappeared before the second semester of school was about to begin.

In that time she got rid of the guy she had been sleeping with. She joined okCupid and then began looking for someone again.

I began talking to her again, but i'm no longer texting her as much as before. I make her do things for me (she came and cooked me dinner for V-day, she drove me to the grocery store), but I rarely do things for her like I use to. I also went on a date with a new girl (it went terrible) and I ran into my HB9 at the same restaurant, she was with a new date. I have told her that I'm happy for her, and always tell her about what me and my "new date" do. The new guy is a complete beta, so I'm not worried, she complains about him to me all the time (calls her too much, acts like she is the center of the universe).

I was over her, but recently she keeps calling me/texting/suggesting we do things together. Like I said she came and spent v-day with me and cooked me dinner (she didn't hang out with her "date" until friday). Then Saturday she cooked me breakfast, came over to my place, and we spent all day together. We watched two movies, cuddled, held hands (she was allow me to not reciprocating but then towards the end squeezed a little), I went in again to grab her boobs to make sure everything had survived the two week separation, and she allowed me to (for an entire movie).

However, she tells me we are going to "get married", tells me I am such a "father figure", tells me she "loves me" [as a friend most likely] (I never tell her that back, even when she asks me "do you love me?").

So the question is: How do I get out of this?
I have been (1) flirting with her (2) encouraging her to go out with other guys (3) showing her I'm going out with other girls (3) escalating when we are together (4) I told her that I don't like her romantically anymore [even though I keep on doing sexual stuff to her and flirting] (5) I've been negging her which drives her insane [she thinks im judging her].

What else do I have to do or is this a real lost case? Thanks again!