I met Matt Artisan a few weeks ago. It was an interesting experience and most of the stuff he stated made sense and what I have been following naturally, until now. Mystery's nonsense always seemed way to gimmicky for me. I have never liked rules or routines.....I can relate to Matt.

Regardless, I would like some advice on my greatest sticking point.Now, I don't have a problem with looks but more so with the way I express myself. I am a misantrophe and lack what is called "a genuine interest in people".

Now, I come across as being too nervous. Matt, specifically told me that all I have to do is smile.

I also have to work on my voice. It comes across as being too soft whilst speaking to strangers. I don't speak very loudly in general and people have to come very close just to know what I am talking about. I also have no expressions on my face. It makes me come across as being a cyborg or something. I need to know how I can improve my voice tone, pitch to perfection.Are there any audiobooks, books or anything that can help me with this?

Also, I have to work on my facial expressions. They seem ugly and I have tried practicing in front of a mirror to little avail.However my wing(who is a chick) tells me that they are absolutely fine when I speak to her.

I have considered a speech therapist but at this point of time, I can't seem to afford one. Any help would be appreciated.