Hey all, just wanted some advice on a text or something to send this girl I'm into. Here's the breakdown

1) been into this girl for months
2) she's also my neighbor, so I frequently find I can't play this the way I normally would
3) made out with her late night/early morning Sunday (it was my birthday and she hung around till everyone left...we were both quite drunk)
4) I helped her hang something in her room yesterday, Monday, and when I did told her, "I know your Mom's in town all week, but I'd like to spend some time with you again."
5) She doesn't have a phone right now because she got robbed at gunpoint last week (sounds crazy, but true...made the news)

Anyway, I just wanted to send her a Facebook message (can't txt) just to stir her up and get her to think about me. Any ideas?