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    Default Need Help with Cute Girl from a School Trip

    Hi all,

    I originally posted this in the facebook section but didn't get replies, and I'm hurtin' for some advice here so here we go:

    So I went on a ski trip recently with a bunch of students in a different major from mine (so the point is I went with a bunch of strangers). I met this group of friends who welcomed me into their circle, and we hung out most of the weekend. I've since added them on facebook.

    Present day:
    So one of these girls, HB8, is pretty cute. We didn't get the chance to interact much during the trip though since she's the quiet type. anyways, it's been a couple of days since the trip, and I figure I should try to FB her and see if it goes anywhere.

    the chat: keep in mind we're asian hence the bubble tea. also block of text alert, sorry if I didn't space it out well.

    Me: Hey how's it going? you look like someone who enjoys bubbletea. what's the best place to get it downtown?
    HB: pretty good..
    HB: umm..i don't like any places dt to be honest
    HB: but if i had to choose
    HB: ___ would be a good choice
    Me: this one? (I link a review of the place she mentioned)
    HB: yep
    Me: its awfully close to your school
    HB: lol which is why we used to go there :P
    Me: are you sure its not just convenient?
    Me: used to? uh oh did something change
    HB: (goes on about flavorings and colors and jelly and stuff for 4 sentences)
    HB: so I think that's my standard
    HB: the taste isn't too bad
    HB: and yeah, it's just close to go to. haven't explored much dt...
    HB: i'm not the right person to ask about suggestions in dt
    Me: sadly, I also haven't explored dt much. but my roommate and I wanted to remedy that and explore starting tomorrow.
    Me: ok I'll check it out tomorrow
    HB: ok let me know how you think about it (lol grammar fail?)
    Me: its close to where I work anyways. i gotta go sleep, work tomorrow morning. see ya.
    Me: I'll let you know if its any good.
    Me: ps whats your favorite one to get there?

    at this point I actually am in a hurry to sleep so I just close my FB and hit the sack. Next day, I check and see:

    HB: I get the x and the y..
    HB: but apparently the y goes well with their special z

    So I haven't replied since. I was thinking maybe give it 2-3 days before restarting the convo, quickly end this bbt topic before it gets stale, and moving onto DHV/building Comfort/attraction.

    But I wanted your opinions first. Did I lose my shot? Or am I on the right track? What do you think I should do next?

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    Default Re: Need Help with Cute Girl from a School Trip

    She's communicating & interacting with you, so your chances are still fine.
    But definitely start flirting!!

    Too much regular chit-chat will get you "Friend Zoned" in a flash.

    You need to spark curiosity & attraction by affecting her on an emotional level. Get her laughing, smiling, having fun... etc.

    When you text her again, don't try to pick up on the bubble tea convo...
    Start with something fresh & new.

    Make it something a little more silly & light-hearted.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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