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    Unhappy Having First Child, Girl Lost Interest, What to do?

    I made all the text book mistakes with this one because I fell to fast and hard for this girl. Knocked her up on the first date and everything was going well until I found myself begging for her attention all the time. Now its to the point where we are broken up and she does not want to see or talk to me unless its about the child. At first it was all about starting a family, However I scared her off by coming on too strong and being to neeedy. I have decided to leave it alone for awhile but I believe there is still hope for us I just need some help to fix things, if its even possible. She said she might take me back someday but now is not the time because we both have personal issues to work on. So I really need a mentor here and Im an eager learner, committed fella, otherwise I would not be here, so if anyone wants to coach me through this, I would for ever be in your debt. Ive always wanted a family of my own and its getting to the point where if it doesnt happen by the time im forty, I feel it will be harder and harder to attract a suitable mate and life partner, not to mention a good mother for my child. She may or may not be the one, I dont know, I remain optomistic, but texts, emails, communication doesnt work with her, so I think we may not be suitable for eachother if shes not willing NOW to talk it over, so I need to learn how to keep myself from destroying my next relationship.

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    Default Re: Having First Child, Girl Lost Interest, What to do?

    Wow this is some heavy stuff. A lot of the techniques for PUA you may not need for your specific situation, but I believe I may have what you are looking for. PM me with the time and effort you have put into this Art so far and we can go from there.
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