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    Default Kind of friend zoned before but possible 2nd chance?

    Well I was texting /Meetin this girl before we got on great but then found out th ex was still involved. So soon after I kind of got out to th side n they to got back together. We never spoke when they went back with each other n I didn't act angry etc we just drifted apart.

    Recently though she started contacting me again though so we text back n forth, I had a gf when she began to text me again but split couple weeks ago. It only lasted a couple weeks so no emotion involved.

    Recently she's being sayin how much she missed our conversations n stuff n sharing secrets that are personal n hasn't told any1 else which makes me thinks she could possibly like me again? Or is this just a friendly thing? I get this assumption from her rapid text reponses throughout th day n we do get on really great and spoke on th phone couple times. I would have arranged to meet her but don't wanna be to eager and plus she's on holiday.

    I know that the ex is definitely out th picture for good and when we first meet she told me she really liked me but had to sort problems with th ex but like I said he ain't a problem now.

    Where do I go from here and is giving me th signs or friendly less ? Sorry for dragging on

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    Default Re: Kind of friend zoned before but possible 2nd chance?

    Forget the ex-boyfriend. He sounds like a tool. Just focus on your own game bro. Seems like she really likes you. I always say, great experiences + time apart = missing you / attraction building. So she had a great experience with you... you guys were each doing your own things, now she misses you. I think it's on like donkey kong son. I think don't be an eager beaver, but respond. Be flirty. Be confident. Go out with her - grab coffee together. Rekindle what happened previously. And then take it to a sexual level, etc. Just don't worry about the ex. Good luck yo!
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    Default Re: Kind of friend zoned before but possible 2nd chance?

    If you're sure the ex is not in the picture then I say take the lead. Waiting around for a woman to decide to make the next move is what nice guys do. You're not nice. You're a PUA!!

    Even if you are not sure if she is giving you IOI's. It just means she's not there...yet. A compliance test is a good way to gauge her attraction for you.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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