So there is this girl that I have liked on and off since the 6th grade (im in the 12th grade now). This year (before I knew anything about the game) I tried to get her and failed because I:
1. Was to nice/ boring (i was boring because i was sooo scared when i would talk to her)
2. Awkward
3. made many mistakes when texting her (broke basically every rule)
4. I also caused her to get angry at me at several occasions (not saying the right things to her on text) and had to apologize to her for it.

Its been a couple months and now im on a school trip with her. She doesn't have many friends on this trip except for one guy who we are both good friends with. I want to try to get her now that i know the game but,
A. Dont know if I have farked up too much with her
B. how to go about it.
We are "friendly" but thats about it.
Be honest please maybe the anwser I dont want will help me in the end. Plus im stuck in the grey zone between 1itis with her and i def dont want that what do you guys think?