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    Default How to play girl from high school

    Hey guys,

    I'm curious on people's take on how to play this one. Any and all ideas accepted.

    So I went to college close-ish to my hometown and there were a couple of people from my high school there. While I was there I was pretty busy party-wise and hookup-wise and while I haven't encountered it first hand I'm pretty confident I got a bad rep for my activeness or 'promiscuity' (mostly due to some girls with big mouths).

    Anyways I've graduated and gotten a pretty solid job and tend to go to one bar downtown now pretty consistently. There is a girl there from my college, and highschool since I'm near my old town, who I see there almost every time I go. This had been going on for a month or so and recently we've started saying hello to each other and just chit chatting or friendly dancing. Last night she wanted a picture of something at the bar, I opened my phone and said "Something like this?" and she said omg yeah, grabbed my phone, and sent it to herself.

    Now the thing is that I'm pretty sure she knows about some of my escapades at college so she might just be taking the hook-up thing off the table mentally because she's better than that. This happened once before with a crush I had from back in the day and nothing ever really happened so I'm trying to avoid coming on to this one as a creeper. Then again she just gave me her phone number, that's a good sign right?

    So now I'm thinking of how to play it. What would you guys do? Get creative!

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    Default Re: How to play girl from high school

    If she is at a bar all the time AND she gave you her phone number, you have nothing to fear except fear itself. Don't wait another month.

    You are over-thinking your sexual history. She doesn't care.
    - CR

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