I'm wondering what the opinion is about responding on (or liking) FB status. I generally believe it's a kinda dumb thing to do unless you would do the same thing if she was the most uggly disgusting person in the world/male friend (because it's easy to get needy) or you've allready closed the deal 98% sure.
But at the moment I'm wondering to respond on a FB status from a certain someone I like verry much because I like her and its a easy way te bust her balls again in the period I don't see her.
She posted something about her profession saying all this positive sh1t about them having all these wonderfull characteristics, the only problem is it's not really her profession (technician vs physician). I like to point out that she's lucky that she isn't in the profession she posted because else she really had to work hard on her abilities (the expression is better/more powerfull in my native language).

On the side: I know asking a girl on a official date isn't the best way and inviting her is better, but it very often doesn't make sense in my culture to do this. Girls will feel uncoftable if you ask them to do things with people only you know and for her to invite friends would take a big event not a house party.
The other problem is say you claim to do something and she should come along, but actually you want to be alone with her so nobody is preferably coming with you. How the fark do you explain to her that it's just the two of you except with the most lame ass obvious excuse?

That being said I want to do some activities with her alone. Now my idea atm is to ask her to do something after I visited my brother, where she lives is the place my brother is in rehab (tell her about his drug problem?) And saying hey I (have) want to visit my brother and it's where you live wanna have fun with me after that instead of doing the same old boring sh1t you do otherwise. !!! This is the underlying message!!! I can't really translate what I want to say but what I said in english would be kind of the general point but said in a fun way (I've said alot of cocky sh1t to her, so it wouldn't be new to her).