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    Default What Are Fun Topics To Discuss On Date

    A well known pua once stated that when on a date or get together with a chick, never talk about work or school. These conversations are boring or death topics. Basically the topics are not fun.

    But what if she's a bartender at a strip club?
    "Be Too Cool, You're Gonna Lose"

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    Default Re: What Are Fun Topics To Discuss On Date

    Depends on the location.

    I classify date locations as one of three different vibes: quiet, normal, loud. Each location,for me, determines the type of conversation and kino.

    Quiet dates (restaurant, picnics, etc):
    - Talk about more personal stuff like family, work, life, goals.
    - Kino slowly but steady. Hands on waist or hand on arm should occur within 15 minutes of meeting for the date.

    Normal Dates (cafe', shopping, etc):
    - Talk about environmental stuff, and with splashes of family, work, life, goals
    - Focus on enjoying the surroundings but also don't be afraid of being slightly deep
    - Kino as normal. Arm in arm, should happen within a few minutes, but be sure to "back and forth it" and don't just stay touching her. Go arm in arm within 5 minutes to be "cool and relaxed" but then let go and use that as a guage to slowly escalate. Use your environment to kino more. Like if you are shopping, have her button up your "new shirt" and ask her to show you whether a back massage feels good in that soft shirt vs. the hard shirt.

    Loud Dates (bars, nightclubs, etc.)
    - DO NOT talk about family, work, life goals
    - The focus here is environmental connection and enjoying the "vibe."
    - Talk about stuff that gets her into a mental relaxed state and away from her problems in life.
    - Kino as a bit more aggressively.

    In General
    - ALWAYS continue to escalate kino and be consistent and persistent. The progression will be timed differently, but the goals are still the same.
    - NEVER go from one location to another of the same type immediately (unless you are bar hopping). In other words, if I'm on a Monday cafe' date, then I wouldn't switch cafe's, but I would go from a cafe' (to build trust) to a bar (where I can escalate faster and easier while I've already got the dtrust). But if I was already at a bar and the vibe wasn't working, I could switch bars.
    - CR

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