And I use the word "DATE" loosely for educating purposes... a.w

Met a HB10 in a lounge. Initially I was cold. There were too many hot girls around. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers. She said at first she viewed me as stuck up. I'm really not. I texted for a hookup after event she replied "maybe another day if I wasn't too busy for her" along with hearts and wink emoticons.

She accepted my first call. The connection was strong and we talked for a while. I escalated to a meet up or date. Her date suggestion made me believe she is potentially looking for a mate. On the day of hookup i texted to set the mood for the night. We texted all day about the fun we would have that night. Thirty minutes before we were to meet she called said she was needed at work so we should meet up late late night. I live in a major city and late night hookups aren't out of the norm. The hookup invite was awesome but I wasn't falling for it, it wasn't a guarantee. I had already invested money into our night by this time. I questioned her womanhood and respect level in text. I called her, held my frame and directly influenced the importance of maturity and respecting each others time. She immediately said "your reaction is repulsive you talk to me like my father.............. im on my way to you now".

She was late. Im getting angry. She arrived looking soo hot and more than I expected stating she will make it up to me. Inside I smiled thinking of the perfect punishment for later. But for now, I made her buy me drinks! She displayed many ioi's. Minutes of smiling and staring into my eyes, inviting kino by letting me rub her arm and hands, rubbing her leg against mine, asking me if i was a player, telling me about her family history and friends. I teased her about not liking her mean sh1t test and that im on to her sh1t. But she kept reminding me that she wanted to enjoy me but she had to still go to work. I reminded her that she told me she didnt have a curfew and that we should enjoy our entire night. Afterwards she made it officially clear that we could hook up later that night.

To make a long story short. She initiated a kiss and hug after our meal. She grabbed my hand and held me close for blocks. I pulled away, then later re-initiated hand holding. We walked and talked and she initiated another long hug and said that later that night she would see me and that I could have her all night. She asked that I wait for her. After an hour of waiting at another bar I texted that I was having a great time. She replied she would see me in a bit but ended up being a no show. I text to let her know i was leaving and politely mentioned not to waste my time or we may just have to be friends. No reply.. I think she is testing out right now but it was clear we had a strong connection. But she owes me soo BIG right now!

How long should I wait for her to contact me before getting in touch with her?