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    Default Could this be a reason for her being so introverted?

    Like everytime we talk she doesn`t say much but makes quite a lot of eye-contact, smiling etc.. she does talk if I make her talk but not much. She is not from my country but she knows the language so I don`t think that is a problem for her. She sometimes asks me what I mean but mainly she does understand things. It is however true that she doesn`t have much, if any at all, male friends in new country (she is here about a year now). I got her number but I would like to ask her out and now I`m stuck because of her behaviour and don`t know what to really do about it. I can hardly use KINO, I can and try to flirt if I see a chance... She is not playing hard to get, I`m sure about that.

    I`m just gonna ask her if she understands things and say that she can speak in her language if she wants to because I speak and understand her language with ease too. I know she can write quite well in my language. I was actually impressed about it, I just don`t know how fast can she think what to say when she has to because speaking is harder than writing I guess... you have less or almost no time to think what you will say. I`m saying this because she sometimes misses a word and put a word from her language in a sentence She has some friends but they are all from her country too so speaking to them doesn`t seem like a problem. It might sound funny but I am actually the first guy (and I`m sure about that) from her "new" country that tries to speak with her for a dating purpose and I started because she was always staring at me giving me eye-glances and now when I approached she is so closed.

    Could language be a problem here or do you thing is anything else?

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    Default Re: Could this be a reason for her being so introverted?

    IM no pro yet but would say use more kino and make it fun cause most conversation is UN spoken.

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