Hey everyone.

Really glad to be a part of this site. Though I am not a top poster, I use the advice on this site and have been getting really great results. Most of these results come to me because I don't really care about the result, but this one new girl in the city really has me wanting to see her more and more, make fun, whatever.

Born Indian
Raised UK
HB 8-8.5

Met though a mutual friend, and while at his going away party (hes moving out of the country) we got drunk, flirted, talked at the bar, talked about things she and would like to do around the city, exchanged numbers and parted ways. She actually asked me for the number, and I read this as she wants to be friends and I want to escalate that to attraction.

What Im asking for help in is how to not get stuck in that friend zone. I know it may be difficult but I can feel it in my gut that things can still be escalated to romance/attraction. (As opposed to other sets where I can see it going no where / or this means sex, etc)

Let me know what you guys think, how you would approach text game, meeting up in person.

Thanks guys. This is a truly great site. Its nice to see guys getting and having fun with woman without being pigs.