Hello gents, I am new and I need help...big time. I'm having difficulty on how to procede with a friend of a friend I met a couple weeks back. (about a month) I added her on FB shes "liked" some pics of mine traded playful banter on walls etc. I saw her out at the bar with some mutual friends and as I walked into the bar she asked if I wanted a drink, I was quite stupid and said I already had one. (Idiot...I know) I eventually got to talking to her later in the evening and we shared some playful flirtation, laughing, touching, etc...She even pulled out her phone at one point to show me something which would have been a perfect time to get her number, but I ended up getting back to my friends and she hers, but before I left I said, "Make sure you save the last dance for me." (She kinda gave me a funny look but then smiled)Now there is approx 1 hour till the bar closes and she it right behind me dancing and I freeze, I don't get behind her and grind...nothing. (I would have taken her by the hand and twirled her around and danced with her as I am a phenominal dancer, but felt weird just grinding her) I went outside 2 smoke, came back in and she was gone. I posted her a picture of houdini on her Fb wall she responded with ? I responded with you have alot in common..she responded hahaha..... Ok so I know I royally screwed up quite a few times, as she has given me a bunch of opportunities that I did not capitolize on..Now I have no idea when I will see her next and I don't know how to procede. Out mutual friend told me she got out of a bad relationship recently and was feeling blue. She posted a pic with a friend recently with a forced smile and now shes posting she went out with an old friend..(a dude) I plan to procede with "I hate to see you force a fake smile, especially when I know what a great real smile you do have...all I'm saying is I can tell you're hurting, I've been there before if you need someone to talk to I'm here for you." Honestly I have NO Idea what the hell I am doing, that's why I'm here. For the love of God, Help me men!