This one girl, HB8 ive been out with a few times and regularly kiss her, havent done anything else cause i havent gotten her to a good seduction location, ive seen her in nothing but her bra n panties when she was changing so i grabbed her n put her on the bed, didnt escalate cause her rents were in the next room lol that doesnt really count for much though. Anyways recently shes flaked on me twice, now that i look back on it was probably cause i gave her too much attention. But the last time she flaked on me i got mad and stopped talking to her to try and re gain more attraction that i think i have lost. And i know its a better idea to freeze a women out on good terms so her last thought of you isnt least as i understand it.

So my questions are how bad is it that i left it on not so good terms? When we text (usually to make plans) %60 of the time its her texting me, so should i wait for her to text me? Or should i text her? If so how many days is a good amount of time to wait?