Hi Guys,

I met a girl in my university during a competition, I'm a foreign student and most people don't speak English but hers is a bit manageable. Whats cool is that she kept calling her friend who could speak English to translate for her while we were talking.

I asked to met the next day and she said we should met at the school lib, so we could use a translator. I didn't understand what she meant cos of the bad english but I knew the lib would be cool for kino.

We were to meet by 2 pm, didn't call till 45 mins to time and she said she was on her way. Here comes the problem, I was late and at 2 pm exactly she sends me a message that she is leaving and that we shld meet at other times. so I call her and say I'm already in the building.

When I entered she had left the lib. and she came with her laptop ( the translator). I tried to make I stay but she said she needed to go. At a point, I hug her and bring my head close to hers and our heads touch, was about to kiss her but I hesitated for a while and she pulling back maybe bcos of the awkwardness.

She said we should fix our next meeting thru text and asked if I was on any social network, she then added me. I accepted the request mistakenly while trying to show my friend the girl. I sent her a text the same day and she didn't reply, I was like "are you awake" then tried calling 2 days later and she didn't pick. Now I'm confused and don't know what to do or where I made a mistake.
I know this is long but any advice would be appreciated thanks.