Hi guys!
I've been working on pick up for a couple of months now and I'm stuck at the escalation part.
I'm now able to approach women and number close. Not always, but sometimes. I go on dates and get them attracted - I focus a lot on strong eye contact (Japanese chicks are not used to this, so they eat it up like cake!).
BUT kinoing and escalating further than this is where I'm stuck at. I do a lot of indirect touching etc, but since direct touching / hugging etc. is really uncommon here in Japan (unless you're boyfriend - girlfriend all alone in a love hotel) I don't dare to take it further, because I'm.. well, scared of getting my escalation rejected.
I'm talking about stuff like: holding hands, touching her hair / face, closing in for a kiss, k-close etc.

How can I get better at this?
Learning all this stuff in Japan is proving harder than I thought, I'm a Swedish guy, and even though I speak Japanese fluently, I still struggle with the language from time to time, as well as with the cultural differences.
But there are too many hot chicks around not to get better at this.