Sup, I'm a junior in college. I finally get the positive energy, friendly, extroverted, in the moment thing. I get girls laughing in my classes, not even trying to run game or be funny but just by enjoying the moment. Some flirting involved and I get ioi's from a fair number of these girls. One class it's 4 dudes including me and like 15 girls, I basically have seeds planted with all of them just by being that fun dude in class. Pretty dope situation. So now I got all these options and I'm narrowing it down to who I'm actually interested in. Definitely got a few in mind but the problem - idk what to do I'm very inexperienced. I'm not gonna ask specifics but general pointers would be cool. Goal is get #, hang out/ask out, get to know a girl for once and enjoy that process. And then fark her lol but I'm trying to take it one step at a time.

Even if the advice is just "stop being a pussy and talk to her" that would be great. I just need some reassurance. I'm a virgin but im bout ready to change that. time to buck up and claim what is rightfully mine. Thx dudes