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    Default Expert Feedback needed with this girl

    Tell me where I need to improve.

    First the online game:

    Me: So, you plan on being this mysterious the whole time? Or are you going to tell me your other talents?

    Her: *Adding 'mysterious' to list of talents*

    You have to get to know me more to discover more talents.

    Now tell me about you!

    Her: No?

    Me: Ok. Your loss. 2/26/2013 8:56:07 PM

    Her: So tell me... 2/26/2013 9:20:20 PM

    Her: You sir, are a game enthusiast... Why don't we just meet and go from there? 2/27/2013 1:11:15 AM

    Me: Well, if you're not a stalker trying to catfish me....

    I would be comfortable in exchanging numbers. We can of course meet eventually too, we'll just have to see.

    Her: I am just now familiar with that phrase and hate to disappoint but I am who I am. Want me to be someone different?



    Me: Lol, so you aren't denying you are trying to catfish me... you also don't have a xxx area code.

    The plot thickens....

    And no, I want you to be who YOU are. Nothing less. One of my best quality's is my desire to lift people up and make them better than when they first met me. I am also capable of loving people for who they are.

    My name is xxx, do you have one too? cell - xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Her: I am xxx and I am from xyz originally. I have been here almost 3 years but can't let go of the number

    I left the dates and the time to show I waited for a little bit. And actually re reading this, I didn't realize she was asking me to tell her about me, lol! I thought she was saying no to her telling me about herself, Ooops... But it worked. Next post is the text game, which I need some definite feedback.

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    monoposto is offline PUA Forums Respected Contributor
    Points: 576, Level: 11
    Level completed: 52%, Points required for next Level: 24
    Overall activity: 12.9%
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    Jan 2013
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    Default Re: Expert Feedback needed with this girl

    The texting:

    So, a few minutes after I send her my number she hits me with:

    Her: Hi xx
    Me: Hi xyz
    Her: how are you?
    Me: Slowly getting all my ducks to line up! How about you? Found true happiness yet?
    Her: Absolutely but there is always more to obtain you? What kind of ducks are you wanting to line up?

    Me: Happiness is a state of mind.
    All kinds of ducks, mallards, diving ducks, dabbling ducks, plenty of daffy ducks... ugh, the problem is they just wont listen.

    Her: Maybe your line is meant to be squiggly? Who said it has to be a straight line?

    Me: Oh yeah, here comes Picasso telling me lines dont have to be straight. Haha, I won't lie though I do like curves... ( I said picasso because she thinks shes all artsy fartsy, whatever though)

    Her: Good because that's what I have lots of...

    Her: You're witty... Love that

    Me: And handsome. Can't forget handsome!

    Her: Are you? I guess I noticed that.. What is a handsome witty guy like yourself doing on a dating site?

    Me: Too good to be true? The looks and the brains...

    Her: Oh yes. What a dilemma... Must be rough out there! I get it now.

    Me: *bullsh1t bullsh1t bullsh1t.*

    Her: *more bullsh1t...*

    Me: *blah lbah blah*

    Her: How do you feel about dogs?

    Me: Love 'em.

    Her: Great answer!

    Me: lol. I need rest; good night!

    Her: Good night

    The next day....

    Me: I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!

    Her: awwe thanks

    Me: Oh you are definitely welcome. How did work go? I need a sugar momma to cook and support my time machine project.

    Her: Lol. That would pay off in the end so totally worth it! Work was okay. I had an off day so I went to a tattoo shop on the hill I have a 5 hour sitting on Saturday and I am so excited. How was your day?

    Me: Dang, you must be into me! A five hour tatto?! Make sure they spell my name with a "c" and not an "s" after the n.. my day was great though. Weekend begins...... NOW!!!!

    Her: Wow. Friday off. Sounds nice. Any big plans?

    (I actually think I could havd\e dhv'ed better here but, ohwell)
    Me: Of course! Going out with friends, workout and get some homework done. I'm graduating in May fyi.

    Her: What is your major? Congrats btw.

    Me: Majoring in basket weaving. So many different styles to learn... Its quite rigorous coursework.

    (sh1t testing me for sure)
    Her: I can imagine. Is you minor in rug making? You can probably multi purpose the loom...?

    Me: Of farking course I can! No minor in rugs though. My work is too nice to be stepped on. Im known as the loom wizard. Sort of like Harry Potter but think baskets.

    Her: Lol. YOu could be one of the most fun poeple ever! Teach me to weave wizard

    Me: Oh i will. It is for sure a hands on approach though. So you better be good with your hands....

    Her: Almost said something super crude! The politically correct response is : So good that I may be able to teach you a thing or two...

    Me: Lmfao! No need to hold back, i've seen an heard it all.

    Her: I am good with my hand. Almost as good as I am with my mouth...

    Her: Seeeee inappropriate an crude

    Me: Lol ive had women say way dirtier things to me at bars! But you're off to a good start.

    (With this I think I've done a good job of being funny, sexual, attractive, but i'm lacking Comfort with her next comment)
    Her: We have known each other 2 minutes.... I think I can save talking dirty for down the line....

    Me: What!?! Its atleast been almost 48 hours

    Her: Women in the bars have liquid courage driving their filthy minds. I don't have a good excuse

    Me: Thats okay though. You just have a filthy mind naturally!

    Her: What a great fury impression, huh?!

    Me: If only you could be in my mind... Then you'd know!

    She didn't text back after that, which was odd because, I would change up my time to respond and she would always get back within 1-3 minutes easy.

    This was thursday btw, and I didn't send the initial text until around 6:30. She is obviously eager to hang out, she is farking sexy, and the text has turned to sexting twice... I definitely need to build more comfort with her though. How do I go about sending the next text? I.e. how to build comfort, and get her to commit to hanging out next weekend. Also, since I met her online should I fret that after we texted thursday I got on pof and she was on their too?... feedback appreciated and I like putting some of my convos on here, because reading some of your guys' gets me in the right frame of mind when texting these chicks.

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