hey guys so i was at a club and one girl comes up to me and says i remember you from elementary and middle school because we had classes in both schools for a while and i havent seen her probably since middle school and i did remember who she was when she told me her name but i pretended i didnt remember her until i asked her what elemantary school we went to and what my name was, so when she got those right then i was like oh yea i remember you so anways we talked for a little and i got her number.

the next day i texted her and were talking about facebook and how she doesnt add anyone as friends and everyone adds her, so i told her i dont add anyone either so i told her ill add you this time and since i dont add anyone you owe me and you should take me out for some ice cream with a smiley face tung sticking out and she didnt text back after that and this was yesterday.
(mind you she accepted me on facebook and it seems like from her pics she has a alot of guy friends and im sure she gets hit on probably alot of the time, i would say shes pretty hot like an 8.5)

what do you guys think i should do as of now?