I am at a location where I met and hooked up with this girl last time. We met up a couple times when I was at home with here(we are both from the same place), and now we are at that location again. She seems to be ignoring me and blowing me off. It is driving me nuts.

I have noticed that I am her male booty call, which I didn't mind. Or at least I thought.

She would only hang out with me when it was convenient with for her. She gave me a heads up she was comming out here, and she didn't messege me when she arrived. I sent two "hi" type messages on facebook, but that is it. I do not want to portray neediness.

I have promised myself I wont messege her again until she makes the next move. I do see her often, but when I know she is around watching me, I play it as if I am just doing my business. I want to display self reliance, and idicate my indifference to here.

Unfortuntely, I do feel like a 'good doggy' when she say hi, and I quickly acknowledge back. This is a heavy inication I am waiting on her.

Please help my out and give me ideas to help me feel like I am back in control. It has been a while since I felt like a female has had me in a crunch, and I want my position of control of the situaion back.

Please ignore my poor spelling, I am really tired, but I would love for any and all input please. Please ask questions if you need more information of the situation.

Let me assure you, I will take all input very seriously, I feel I am a social dynamic sponge for these types of things.

Thank you very much,