well I can`t hold back no more. We`ve been talking for more than a month now (not constantly, but like 2 times a week, always in person) and it is getting better every time but very slowly. I`m planning to ask her out in two weeks so I have to do KINO now, don`t have time to play with her for a whole year to get her totally open. I can ask what I want and she answers everything so I know enough about her. She just never initiates, probably because of shyness.

Right now I`m getting mixed signals, some can be clear IOIs and some IODs but I`m assuming those are because of shyness again so I`m just concentrating on IOIs. Better to do so I guess.

When she is alone she always walks confident with heads up and when I`m around she is looking more down than forward.. She was actually the first who started looking at me and she kept the contact with no problem, I always broke it. Then I approached and now I`m the king of eye-contact. Now she is the one who can`t hold it