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    Default Why girls become obsessed with a guy?

    Why girls get to the point where they want to spend every moment with you?. They basically start to hate everyone else, but you. They basically leave everything and everyone?.

    i've been into 3 relationships in these last years, really cute and amazing girls. But for some reason, the 3 girls have become obsessed with me

    One of them is still calling me after 2-3 years, stalking me. And she used to be independent, party girl, etc, but after awhile she changed and she became in a different person. She wanted to spend all of her time with me and like i said above, after we broke up, she still calling my cell phone.

    The other one was the same, however this was more intense because we used to spend time together until 5 am almost everyday. She walked away from her friends, and family, she didnt talk with anyone. I asked her what happened and she told me "They are not you. I don't feel comfortable with anyone else, only when im with you".

    And the last one it was the same. She was in a long relationship and she told me "I was independent, but with you is different. You make things so easy, you make me feel so comfortable. I could spend all of my time with you and noone else."

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Why girls become obsessed with a guy?

    It's difficult to lump all women under one specific reason why they attach themselves to just one man. It doesn't last though.

    Here's a few reasons:

    1) Nature! The proverbial clock - the instinct to multiply. When a woman finds the man she believes is the fittest her brain, fueled by hormones, causes her thinking to focus on one man to fulfill her need.

    2) Age! As a woman grows older, her success includes a Trophy Husband. Her idea of a Trophy Husband will be defined by her experience and upbringing.

    3) Insecurity! She believes that she'll never meet a guy like you and fears losing you. This is equal to neediness.

    4) You're just Farking Great and she knows it!

    The reason I said that the clinging doesn't last is because once a woman gets what she wants, she makes a new list of wants and, if you can't fill it, she'll move on.
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    Default Re: Why girls become obsessed with a guy?

    I've had this problem before, and it's a pain in the ass. They find something they like and they don't want to let it go, are afraid to let it go, Won't let it go.. And so they get to a point where they believe you are all they need, because they FEEL that you are the only thing they need, and we all know how girls are with feelings.. The only effective way I've found to counter this is to give the impression that you are even more obsessed with them, though this only works if you want to get rid of them. I have no idea on how to get them to be cool without ruining the relationship though, very difficult.
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