I went out with a girl from college and we talk here and there, no particular interest in her. I suspect she likes me and here's some of the things I've noticed from the past and last night's outting.

1) When I'm around, She'd always come over and talk to me and suddenly all her friends's attention is on me too.
2) We were talking about dating classmates and such and I said "I'd never date one because it's too much tension if sh1t hits the fan..." and she's opposed my statement and said "yeah, school first but a crush here and there..why not right?"
3) When i asked her if she liked anyone, she lists all these guys she found attractive currently and in the past... but never asked if I liked anyone.
4) She randomly says random stuff to get my attention esp when I was talking to another girl in our group (whom she met for the first time).
4) When we went out for beers with a few friends, she was kino escalating me, grabbing my butt, my thigh and always engaged eye contact with me.
5) I texted her at the end of the night .. "I got home, Hope you had fun, good night." she responded with.. "Thanks for driving, ttyl"

The signs aren't so clear cut sometimes, but I'm just confirming my instincts before I choose to act on it or not. Any suggestions on next steps?