Hello there!
So there's this girl in one of my classes (we both go to the same college) and we've been kinda flirty back and forth; thing is i only see her once a week and she recently added me on facebook, but I'm going to miami for spring break on thursday for 10 days and i really wanted to hang with her before that, so that i don't really lose momentum.
Anyway my question is, since i have her on facebook should i just ask for her number over chat? ( she's never online though, i'd have to leave her a message) And how should i ask for it? (Since we're both in a guitar class i was thinking about telling her to come over to my apt to study for the midterm, she really sucks at guitar!)
I wanted to do it in person but since im leaving on thursday and our class is on wednesdays, i dont think we'll have time for that.
What do you guys think? What should i say in the message?

Thanks for reading!