Whats going on guys. So I have been going out about three times a week for several hours making a ton of approaches. I hit and miss and im feeling good most days. But what gets me is im really trying to not use routines and lines, going with what I think of at the time. Its hard, really hard and I feel stacking routines will get me success now but it wont be congruent or build inner confidence.
Today I didnt feel sure of my practice. Will just going out and sarging make me better alone or should I use some routines? Things dont make sense and Im worried ill develop bad habits just relying on my own instinct. What should i have in mind that will take me further? How can I reach that new plateau of success?
One last thing is do you think sarging with these guys that are not as good as me but are willing to go out all the time is hurting me? How important are great wingmen.