So I have this friend in my class. I used to be really close with her. We would talk everyday, hang out on weekends and sometimes she would even pick me up and fetch me home from college.Safe to say that we clicked very easily. Despite the fact that she was in a relationship, that did not stop her from being close to me.

But after some time, all of the sudden we were not so close anymore. We started to drift apart for no reason at all. Eventually we stopped talking. I really have no idea how and why this happened. Probably it's because of the language barrier. Her group of friends are mostly Chinese and every time i hang out with them, i would be left out.Perhaps that could be one of the reason. Maybe she just did want me to feel bad. But then again, I dont think thats the reason.

How am I supposed to get her back?Oh ya. now shes single and I wanna try my luck but i dont know how. I dont even know how to open a conversation with her. We still go for the same class. Please help me