Me and this girl have been friends for 6 months. We do hw together, go to events together, we cook for each other. Basically everyone always thought we were going out, but we are not. When I asked her out 6 months ago she rejected me. I continued playing the "friend" and slowly escalated and became more sexual with her. About three weeks ago we made out and she basically allowed me to F-close her. I was unable to for personal reasons.

However, since then I can't stop thinking about her. The days after our encounter she and I kissed in private numerous times. We have never talked about our encounter after that. However, in her eyes we are merely "friends." Her texts say stuff like "dear friend" and even though she says she "loves me" it is merely a friend thing. I don't think she is attracted to me or interested in a real relationship with me. (She knows I like her a lot)

Currently, I am on spring break and haven't seen her for a few days. We were suppose to hang out this weekend in NY, but she now told me that one of her friends is leaving the country and that she wants to be with them and that I can go along if I want. Last week I also invited her to hang out but she kind of ignored it ( I figured it was because we had been hanging out together to much so there was no scarcity). Do you think that I am over-thinking things and should let HER be the one to suggest to hang out again once we are back? (and then once I properly F-close her then give her an or nothing?)

Anyone with a FWB situation please chime in. Or someone that knows how to turn a FWB situation into a relationship.

Other info: She is "dating" a real BETA (she complains to me about him non-stop). However, since he is so BETA I am not worried about him.