So I ask a girl on Saturday to go to a friend's BBQ on Sunday that was from 12 - 3 and she says "I would love to." I said cool I'll call you tomorrow morning to plan the day out. I call her around 11am no answer and then she calls back at 12:30 saying that she woke up late bc of the time change. I said cool no problem, I'm actually running late bc something important came up at work.

By 1:20 we make plans and end up settling that I'll pick her up because her house is kinda on the way, and then we were going to a festival going on after the BBQ. She texts me 15 minutes later she texts me that she still needs like 30 - 45 minutes to get ready and she'll meet me there. I said "yea that's probably better. See you there."

At 2:50! she texts me and says "hey what's the plan..." I wait like 10 minutes and text her back that I was having a great time and that the BBQ was ending around 3:30 so dont worry about meeting up here." She texts me around 4pm with "meeting up with Monica at the festival." I said that was cool, and that it wa sa great day to be outside.

My strategy was:
1) She knew what time the BBQ was and didnt plan for it
2) She took nearly 2 hours to get ready
3) I didn't want to go to the part of the date she planned if she didn't make it to the part I planned.

So the next day, I text her with something funny and we get into the rest of each other's Sunday. I told her I met up with some other friends after the BBQ to watch the basketball game and ended up dancing spanish music instead. Later we start talking about a pool party happening soon and I told her I would be the guy fist pumping on a couch. Then asked how she would stand out at the party.

Her: "I'll just look good"
Me: "hahaha you might need more. There's always of plenty of girls looking good"
Her: "Nope, not like me"
Me: Oh?? Why are you so special?

So did I come across too strong? Was I too serious in asking "why are you so special?"

As always thanks for the help.